Friday, December 8, 2017

DIY layout: Multi-tap ABC

To import this layout:
① Open link ↓ with your Android device
② Scroll down
③ Tap Apply.
* if it doesn't work, please try again with Chrome browser
* This is a online service for Multiling O Keyboard for Android.


  1. hi. can u make a multi tap qw er ty layout?

  2. Would u please post a video, how to create Diy layouts for other languages? Thanks.

  3. Thank you Honso for developing OKeyboard. This is very useful. Fantastic app. Brilliant work.

  4. No need for video. I've tried myself and created some layouts. Its awesome. Thank you

  5. Multi tap layout is classy and good. But is T9 dictionary prediction is available in multitap? How to get t9 dictionary prediction, for ex, to type the word "hello" just typing 43556 and suggestion shows "hello"