Friday, October 6, 2017

OKeyboard: use [CURSOR] key to move cursor precisely

Option 1: 

- Disable gesture input (aka swype)
- Set left gesture to [CURSOR]
- Slide any normal key to move cursor

Option 2

Slide space bar to move cursor.
Settings → keys → space bar → slide → move cursor

Option 3

Place [CURSOR] key in DIY layout

Option 4

Slide space bar under edit (←↑→) mode


  1. Very nice, please reverse cursor direction for languages that are written from right to left.

  2. ❤ this❣️ Very helpful on phones where getting the cursor where u want is very difficult. TY!

  3. Hi I tried option 2 and it worked once. Can't get it to work again. Any ideas, help? Thanks