Friday, July 14, 2017

Change log: v0.52.x

🌻More optimized (faster keyboard)
🌷 Backspace (del) to correct defaults to typed word
🌸 Highlight Color for suggestion bar can be independent
🍄 New Selection behavior:
① Autocap won't trigger selection with cursor keys (left, right, etc)
② Cursor keys will keep selection mode going if something currently selected, no more pressing shift key again and again (touch screen to exit from selection mode)
🌺 Fixed Autocorrect bug under Caps lock mode
💐 Chinese users can change how enter key behave in other languages (for unified experience)
🏵 Misc fixes

If you using Oppo and experiencing problem with Autotext, please read this:

DIY Layout: 2ABC T9

To import this layout:
① Open link ↓ with your Android device
② Scroll down
③ Tap Apply.
* if it doesn't work, please try again with Chrome browser
* This is a online service for Multiling O Keyboard for Android.