Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New key: Multi-tap


Multi-tap is ready for beta testing
The following DIY layout is a sample layout for multi-tap keys
e.g.  [MT:abc2]
Tap once for 'a', tap twice for 'b' and so on
Toggle multi-tap mode
e.g.  [MT]
Enable multi-tap mode for tie layout
e.g.  "MT":true


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Change log: v0.53

⚽ Multitap key, read this for more information

⚾ [CURSOR] key, read this for more information

⚽ new option for gesture input (swipe) behavior.
To use it:
Slide gear key → automatic → disable insert space after swipe and enable insert space before

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Friday, October 6, 2017

OKeyboard: use [CURSOR] key to move cursor precisely

Option 1: 

- Disable gesture input (aka swype)
- Set left gesture to [CURSOR]
- Slide any normal key to move cursor

Option 2

Slide space bar to move cursor.
Settings → keys → space bar → slide → move cursor

Option 3

Place [CURSOR] key in DIY layout

Option 4

Slide space bar under edit (←↑→) mode

Monday, September 25, 2017


Hi DIY Layout Enthusiasts,

Do you think YAML is better for human eyes?



Notice that you can eliminate "" for rows that aren't started with [

Should I support YAML in the future?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Change log: v0.52.x

 Misc fixes

More optimized (faster keyboard)
 Backspace (del) to correct defaults to typed word
 Highlight Color for suggestion bar can be independent
 New Selection behavior:
① Autocap won't trigger selection with cursor keys (left, right, etc)
② Cursor keys will keep selection mode going if something currently selected, no more pressing shift key again and again (touch screen to exit from selection mode)
 Fixed Autocorrect bug under Caps lock mode
 Chinese users can change how enter key behave in other languages (for unified experience)
 Misc fixes
If you using Oppo and experiencing problem with Autotext, please read this:

DIY Layout: 2ABC T9

To import this layout:
① Open link ↓ with your Android device
② Scroll down
③ Tap Apply.
* if it doesn't work, please try again with Chrome browser
* This is a online service for Multiling O Keyboard for Android.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Change log: v0.51.x

Version 0.51.x

🦉 Emoji 3.0
🦎 New options: 
- Left right padding option
- Top row independent height
🦆 New key: [SAVE], you can place this to select&transform list so you can save the selected word to your personal dictionary.
🦉 Password suggestion: show only 2 letters
🦇 Misc fixes


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🦈 If you using Oppo, Xiaomi, Redmi, MIUI or CleanMaster and experiencing problem with Autotext, please read this:

Monday, May 8, 2017

Little Announcement

Multiling Keyboard Classic version:

If you upgraded to Android 7 (Nougat) and are still using Multiling Keyboard Classic version instead of Multiling O Keyboard, you may encounter some incompatibility such as wrong layout for certain languages for example Chinese.

I am fixing some of it but it is very complicated to fix everything, I urge you to replace it to Multiling O Keyboard.

Multiling O Keyboard has more features and yet smaller in size.

New Beta App:
If you like simple lightweight apps, please consider to help me test my new launcher app (Renegade Launcher Beta

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to set up MIUI / Xiaomi / Redmi / Oppo security or CleanMaster to work with Autotext / Japanese plugin

1. Select security 
2. Select "Battery"
3. Select "App battery saver"

4. Select "Autotext | NextWord"

5. Select "No restriction"

Friday, February 24, 2017

Change log: v0.50

🍍 Patch

🍍 Patch for Vietnamese

🍉 Text transforms for selected text now configurable
Gear key → settings → misc → transform 
Gear key → settings → Layout → Suggestion bar → transform

🍎 Fixed calculator bug in t9 mode
🍏 You can now slide suggestion bar to [lock]
🍊 Fixed [del] multi-touch bug 
🍇 Fixed korean number input bug 
🍓 Fixed select and delete bug
🍋 [3+2:] now supports 8 directions
🍑 More robust in handling two-finger fast typing
🍇 Bug fix for multi-touch with shift key
🍈 More text transforms
🍍Fixed a minor bug for swipe algorithm
🍌 Punctuation and numerals for Amharic and Tigrinya 

If you use clean master or similar apps, please make sure it doesn't kill plugins such as Autotext, Japanese, etc.

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