Thursday, May 5, 2016

OKeyboard theme file explained

__V.FB = bold font option
__K.rx = key roundness
__K.rx.L = key roundness (landscape mode)

__K.fs = main text font size
__K.fs2 = subtext font size relative to the main text
__K.fs.L = main text font size (landscape mode)
__K.fs2.L = subtext font size relative to the main text (landscape mode) = Horizontal gap (portrait mode) = Horizontal gap (landscape mode) = Verticall gap (portrait mode) = Vertical gap (landscape mode)

__V.co0 = keyboard background color
__V.co1 = Key1 (normal keys) color
__V.co2 = Text1 (letter color on Key1)
__V.co3 = Key2 (space, enter, shift,etc. keys) color
__V.co4 = Text2 (letter color on Key2)
__V.co5 = Highlight color
__V.co6 = Key1 shadow or backlight
__V.co7 = Text1 shadow or backlight
__V.co8 = Key2 shadow or backlight
__V.co9 = Text2 shadow or backlight
__V.co10 = popup box color
__V.co11 = popup text color
__V.co12 = Suggestion bar color
__V.co13 = Suggestion text color
__V.co12 = Subtext color under Key1
__V.co13 = Subtext color under Key2

__K.ra0 = key1 shadow radius
__K.ra1 = text1 shadow  radius
__K.ra2 = key2 shadow  radius
__K.ra3 = text2 shadow  radius

__V.WP = wallpaper option


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