Monday, March 14, 2016

Change Log: Version 0.48

Notice for Android 4.4 users:

if you're using Android 4.4, you may experience an unresolvable system bug.


💥[MC] key is overhauled. It can do more fancy codes,
[MC://comment {{M/d/yyyy h:mm a}}[ENTER]:short]

💥 App shortcut supports sub activities 
e.g.  []

💥 Suggestion bar supports MC and APP 
💥 Misc fixes


🌸 Misc fixes

V0.48.4 🌸 Misc fixes

🌸 new options for T9
Settings → layouts → 2abc

V0.48.3 🌸 Gear key can behave like a [shift] or [caps lock].Settings → keys →gear key → default


🌸 4D key supports 8 directions e.g. [4D:+⇐⇑⇒⇓⇖⇗⇘⇙]


☃ date and time formatting supported under Autotext and [MC:…] e.g. [MC:{{MMM dd,yyyy}}] ☃ key color group can be specified in DIY layout e.g. [CO:1]abc[CO:2]123[CO:0][LEFT] This specifies Key a b and c belongs to key1 group and key 1 2 and 3 belongs to key2 group and key left arrow belongs to its default group. ☃ New color behavior. If you don't like it, you can disable it. Settings → misc → New color behavior ☃ DIY keys: Unicode encoding [U+xxxx] e.g. [U+0301] = combining acute accent, [U+2009] = thin space (U must be in uppercase) ☃ Smarter [W.LEFT] and [W.RIGHT] Dealing with selection, when word is already selected, it will keep selecting without using shift key ☃ Autocorrect Exception ① do not correct when user uses shift key manually to make a name (e.g. OKeyboard) ② do not correct when typed word has digits in it (e.g. 100th) ☃ % symbol works on calculator e.g. 123*25%=30.75

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