Monday, March 14, 2016

Change log: v0.45 - v0.42


☯ Independent wallpaper with Wallpaper manager plugin - gear key → theme → wallpaper ☯ New customizable: longpress system back key, you can use it for example: [HIDE] hide or show onscreen keyboard [EMJ:00] recently used emoji [PREDICT] toggle dictionary [LANG:02] rotate 3 recently used language [LANG:01] toggle between 2 recently used language [APP:…] launch your favorite app ☯ More option for French punctuation formatting


❂ Show different color when correction available (settings → word prediction → correction color) ❂ New keys for gesture shortcuts or DIY layout ① [CORRECT] toggle autocorrect ② [PREDICT] to toggle prediction ③ [ACAP] toggle autocap ④ [PUNCT] Toggle format punctuation e.g. [xxx ,]→ [xxx, ] ⑤ [INSP] Toggle insert space after picking from top bar - Recommend to use it under gesture shortcuts ❂ Emoji can be recorded for next word prediction ❂ Better calculator (supports decimal point, # sign can act as ÷)


✦ New DIY key for apps launching e.g. [] [] [APP:com.facebook.katana] ✦ Next word prediction trainer is back (settings → word prediction →next word train) ✦ Auto completion on fullscreen mode ✦ More languages ✦ Optimized


¤ Emoji history [EMJ:00] ¤ Emoji layout customization  Gear key » Settings » Layout » Emoji Tips: if you don't use emoji, you may customize this page for other purpose. 


★ You can subsitute double space into period ,triple space into question mark and so on… Settings » Misc » substitute spaces into… ★ Quick patch


❄ Language layout customizable via settings >> layouts >> language e.g. [LANG:en] = English, [LANG:zh_YP] = Cantonese [LANG:00] = current language, [LANG:01] = most recent language ❄ 注音 layouts fixed ❄ Misc fixed


❄ More gesture shortcuts implemented  Gear key » Settings » Gesture » Shortcuts (Single-touch-slide, multi-touch-slide, slide-and-hold)


❄ Gesture shortcuts ←↑↓→ Gear key » Settings » Gesture » Shortcuts  (Turn off 'swipe input' to avoid conflicts, if you don't swipe)


❄ Share current theme as URL  Gear key» Theme» Share  ❆ Enforce line feed by sliding [sym] to [enter] ❆ Misc fixes

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