Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY layout: 4row QWERTZ + ¨

To import this layout: 
① Open link ↓ with your Android device
② Scroll down 
③ Tap Apply.

* if it doesn't work, please try again with Chrome browser 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Preview: My New App

This is a preview of my new app

Please follow me for future announcement
Google+: G+ community

I haven't decided what to call it yet. 
The name for the project is "A Pattern launcher with Sidekick"

Please follow me for future annoucement
Google+: G+ community


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DIY layout: Bengali 6row (কখগঘঙচ)

To import this layout:
⑴ open ↓ URL
⑵ scroll down
⑶ tap "Apply" 

* if it doesn't work, please try again with Chrome browser 

Tips and tricks: caps lock

Since v0.48, auto-shifted page does not offer [LOCK] key. 
If you want to access to caps lock quickly, longpress (press&hold) shift key will do the trick.

Update: V0.48.3 
🌸 Gear key can behave like a [shift] or [caps lock].
Settings → keys →gear key → default

Monday, March 14, 2016

Change Log: Version 0.48

Notice for Android 4.4 users:

if you're using Android 4.4, you may experience an unresolvable system bug.


💥[MC] key is overhauled. It can do more fancy codes,
[MC://comment {{M/d/yyyy h:mm a}}[ENTER]:short]

💥 App shortcut supports sub activities 
e.g.  []

💥 Suggestion bar supports MC and APP 
💥 Misc fixes


🌸 Misc fixes

V0.48.4 🌸 Misc fixes

🌸 new options for T9
Settings → layouts → 2abc

V0.48.3 🌸 Gear key can behave like a [shift] or [caps lock].Settings → keys →gear key → default


🌸 4D key supports 8 directions e.g. [4D:+⇐⇑⇒⇓⇖⇗⇘⇙]


☃ date and time formatting supported under Autotext and [MC:…] e.g. [MC:{{MMM dd,yyyy}}] ☃ key color group can be specified in DIY layout e.g. [CO:1]abc[CO:2]123[CO:0][LEFT] This specifies Key a b and c belongs to key1 group and key 1 2 and 3 belongs to key2 group and key left arrow belongs to its default group. ☃ New color behavior. If you don't like it, you can disable it. Settings → misc → New color behavior ☃ DIY keys: Unicode encoding [U+xxxx] e.g. [U+0301] = combining acute accent, [U+2009] = thin space (U must be in uppercase) ☃ Smarter [W.LEFT] and [W.RIGHT] Dealing with selection, when word is already selected, it will keep selecting without using shift key ☃ Autocorrect Exception ① do not correct when user uses shift key manually to make a name (e.g. OKeyboard) ② do not correct when typed word has digits in it (e.g. 100th) ☃ % symbol works on calculator e.g. 123*25%=30.75

Change log: V0.47 - V0.46


⛄Fixed Russian uppercase prediction bug ⛄New feature: This new option will let you omit some vowels in your typing so you can save some key strokes. For example: Msspn → Mississippian Srsly →Seriously Fbls →Fabulous Atmtcl →Automatically


❄ New emoji (Android 6.0.1 only, you may see nothing if your phone hasn't supported them) ❄ New languages ❄ Misc fixes

Change log: v0.45 - v0.42


☯ Independent wallpaper with Wallpaper manager plugin - gear key → theme → wallpaper ☯ New customizable: longpress system back key, you can use it for example: [HIDE] hide or show onscreen keyboard [EMJ:00] recently used emoji [PREDICT] toggle dictionary [LANG:02] rotate 3 recently used language [LANG:01] toggle between 2 recently used language [APP:…] launch your favorite app ☯ More option for French punctuation formatting


❂ Show different color when correction available (settings → word prediction → correction color) ❂ New keys for gesture shortcuts or DIY layout ① [CORRECT] toggle autocorrect ② [PREDICT] to toggle prediction ③ [ACAP] toggle autocap ④ [PUNCT] Toggle format punctuation e.g. [xxx ,]→ [xxx, ] ⑤ [INSP] Toggle insert space after picking from top bar - Recommend to use it under gesture shortcuts ❂ Emoji can be recorded for next word prediction ❂ Better calculator (supports decimal point, # sign can act as ÷)


✦ New DIY key for apps launching e.g. [] [] [APP:com.facebook.katana] ✦ Next word prediction trainer is back (settings → word prediction →next word train) ✦ Auto completion on fullscreen mode ✦ More languages ✦ Optimized


¤ Emoji history [EMJ:00] ¤ Emoji layout customization  Gear key » Settings » Layout » Emoji Tips: if you don't use emoji, you may customize this page for other purpose. 


★ You can subsitute double space into period ,triple space into question mark and so on… Settings » Misc » substitute spaces into… ★ Quick patch


❄ Language layout customizable via settings >> layouts >> language e.g. [LANG:en] = English, [LANG:zh_YP] = Cantonese [LANG:00] = current language, [LANG:01] = most recent language ❄ 注音 layouts fixed ❄ Misc fixed


❄ More gesture shortcuts implemented  Gear key » Settings » Gesture » Shortcuts (Single-touch-slide, multi-touch-slide, slide-and-hold)


❄ Gesture shortcuts ←↑↓→ Gear key » Settings » Gesture » Shortcuts  (Turn off 'swipe input' to avoid conflicts, if you don't swipe)


❄ Share current theme as URL  Gear key» Theme» Share  ❆ Enforce line feed by sliding [sym] to [enter] ❆ Misc fixes

Change log (v0.42 and below)


❄ Share current theme as URL  Gear key» Theme» Share  ❆ Enforce line feed by sliding [sym] to [enter] ❆ Misc fixes


✿ Better and faster UI ✿ Simpler and customizable numpad ✿ Misc fixes


🍭 DIY layout using JSON format 🍭 Misc fixes


🔥3row and 2row DIY layout possible 🔥Mistype tolerance adjustable under ‘word prediction’ settings. 🔥Misc fixes


🌻 New clipboard history option (Misc settings) 🌻 Easier upper lower case manipulation with shift key 🌻 Sound / vibration indication for longpress (when enabled) 🌻 Emoji group squeezed into single page (optional) 🌻 Misc fixes V0.38.2 🔴 Misc fixes 🔴 No underline when prediction for typing is off. 🔴 Chinese 倉頡 ranking change (higher for characters with shorter code ) 🔴 Chinese 倉頡 now able to swipe repeating code e.g. swipe y-m-r for 這(y-y-m-r) V0.38.1 ❅ Arrow key be less sensitive, user must slide it to move cursor. ❅ Multi-code key: e.g. [MC:(ツ)] [MC:🙈🙉🙊]… useful for languages that uses multiple Unicode to represent one letter. ❅ Simpler double width key indicator with double closing bracket: e.g. [4D:12345]] ❅ Option not to hide onscreen keyboard when Bluetooth keyboard is detected. ❅ Minor fixes V0.38 ✫ Make double width key by repeating it in your DIY layout. ✫ Smarter 4-Direction key that tolerant mistyping. ✫ Quick patch for DIY layout V0.37.5 ✦ Minor fixes V0.37.2 🔼 Auto maintenance for ‘next word’ to prevent overgrown database 🔼 Controllable 4-Direction key repeating speed 🔼 4-Direction key remember its last direction 🔼 Gear key can be default to toggle numpad 🔼 Minor bug fixes V0.37.1 ❋ Quick patch V0.37 ❋ New layout (QWERTY ←↑→) with 4-direction arrows key, please see demo video to learn how to use it. ❋ Alternative layout for 注音 ❋ Hindī transliteration (Hinglish) language option and plugin (Slide space bar ➤ languages ➤ Transliteration ➤ Hindi) 👉 ❋ Numpad word prediction changed: short word priority raised  ❋ More options for gear key longpress  V0.36 ➤ Jelly bean or above users are able to customize symbol/emoji layouts.  ➤ Misc fixes V0.35.3 ❦ Split mode removed from docking mode, please use DIY layout instead which available here:  👉  ❧ Backspace key sliding bug fixed V0.35 ✴More options for backspace (del) longpress  ✴Easier to transform, quote or bracket with double-tap-select  ✴New upside down text transformer: ↑uʍop ǝpısdn↓ ✴Fixed some auto punctuation bug ✴Bigkey layout prediction algorithm changed  ✴Gear key short press configurable (under misc settings) ✴Fixed backspace missing under handwriting mode  V0.34 ❶ Virtually unlimited DIY layouts, please see this for more information. ❷ Prediction algorithm changed (Common words priority raised)   ❸ Smarter email address suggestion. ❹ 4 direction gesture for numpad sensibility adjustable V0.33.3 - Fixed Japanese common word missing - New option: auto save new word - Fixed a serious bug for Gingerbread or below - Misc minor fixes V0.33.2 ✳Misc minor fixes V0.33 ✹ Undo and Redo V0.32.3 ★Misc fixes V0.32.1 ✸Patches for Chinese, Indian, Polish and Arabic ✸ Reduced delay time before prediction V0.32 ✦Customize the layout of edit mode (←↕→) ✦Option for simpler longpress for backspace  ✦Smarter autospace for word recorrection ✦Misc fixes V0.30.6.2 ◼ Yet another patch, sorry about that 😰 V0.30.6 ◼ Patch for unwanted word split bug ◼ Del key on emoji mode ◼ Physical keyboard: ◾ alt+num key to for shortcut select word ◾ alt+left or right to turn page V0.30.5 ◼ Patch for serious bug (sorry for so many updates) ◼ 中文:Shift + space= 半形空格 v0.30.3 ◼ Reduce short word priority. ◼ change on calculator ◼ Misc fixes v0.30.2 ◼ Enter key now act as line feed in messaging ◼ 2 Punjabi layouts ◼ Increased swipe accuracy v0.30.1 ⒜ Fixed suggestion bar opacity bug ⒝ Added ←↕→ to gear key longpress option ⒞ Auto punctuation French ⒟ New options under ‘Style’ configuration ① Long space bar ② Always display upper case letter ③ Symbol above letter ⒠ DIY123 can be select as default layout for number field. v0.30 ⒜ New color configurable items( Zero everything for automatic color, so you can have the old way of configurations ) ① suggestion bar ② suggestion bar text ③ sub text 1 ④ sub text 2 ⒝ Fixed bug for swiping resolution (please report if you suspect it didn't fix it) ⒞ Minor change in prediction algorithm to reduce rankings for rare words (please report if you suspect some of your favorite words are victimized unfortunately) ⒟ Shaking sensor now ignoring Z axis ⒠ Suggest 's correction when user type single letter s in English mode e.g. “what s” → “what's” V0.29.1 -Patch for a bug that you can't long press words to save. V0.29 -Swipe for 注音,拼音 and 粵拼 -Swipe: you can now make tiny loop or zigzag for letter emphasis -ALL CAPS conversion and suggestion. -Misc fixes -New language plugin: Chuvash V0.28.1 ① DIY for numpad - you can find some samples here ② ‌🇧‌🇮‌🇬 ‌🇱‌🇪‌🇹‌🇹‌🇪‌🇷 transform ③ Misc fixes V 0.27 - Chinese improvement - BigKey - Shaking option - Next word prediction (Enable it if you want it, you may train it with your text, slide gear icon and select 'Train') - Slide key down for symbol, slide up for uppercase - Ctrl, Alt, Fn, etc keys DIY-able - Download theme from website - Long press for symbols option - Long-press word in suggestion bar to save or remove them (would crash some new users) -Calculator -Date and time inserting -swipe sensitivity reduced -Japanese bug fixed