Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MultiLing: New skins

Many of you think MultiLing needs some makeups or even face-lift surgery.
I hear you! Here are the preview of some new skins.
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  1. I miss the classic Gingerbread look. All new themes suck on Transformer.

  2. Please, bring back the stock Gingerbread skin, it's the finest looking!

    Meanwhile, is there a way to downgrade to 0.46?

  3. I just hope you can add a Japanese names dictionary, I can't type my wife's name! :(

  4. That said we are only complaining because your keyboard is so greater don't want to use anyone else's! Keep up three good work :)

  5. Loving MultiLing Keyboard. Sorry, I haven't found any other way to ask questions, so…
    I can't work out how to use the gestures! They're switched on, but no matter how I swipe, it only very occasionally results in the appropriate action, but it sure produces a lot of rubbish text! Can you say (add to the FAQ, perhaps?) how to use gestures? I'm using a Nexus S.

  6. Great app it is. Just hope you could help me out with this: A line of symbols appears at the bottom of my screen (home screen or other app homepage), and I have to press the back key on my phone to get rid of it. Why is it happening? Thank you.

  7. Hi, mutiling shoul be my ultimate ime, with it i can dump almost all others. However, i find it impossible to use cangjie for chinese input. After keying in a combination and pressi.g space, the intended chinese char do not show up but the string of combination in english char. An exception is it works for single char combination, like u for 山. Is there any trick i did not apply?
    Multiling is a great app, i really hope i can use it and love it.

  8. 重啟之後,一切皆美好。謝謝

  9. Can you add the followig keys: ?

    A right Shift
    Cursor Keys
    ...and some configureable

    would be great for tablets..!

    Thanks, the Keyboard is great!

  10. I cannotfor the life of me figure outhow to hide the keyboard.

  11. I'm using MultiLing, along with My Alpha, and a plug-in Sanskrit font. With the ML keyboard, I can toggle between typing in English and Sanskrit. However, the Sanskrit text is only visible in the My Alpha app. I can cut & paste the Sanskrit in emails & text messages. Receivers see the Sanskrit, even though I only see rectangles in the outbound email or text.

    In the FAQ section, a recommendation 3 (Get your Android rooted and install your font to it with FontChanger.) I rooted and installed FontChanger and BusyBox. However, it seems that FontChanger will allow me to change the font from English to Sanskrit, as opposed to being able to use both. Any suggestions?